Spring Lamb Paleo Dinner

I know that it has a been a while since my last post, but trust me. This is worth the wait!

As I’ve mentioned before, healthy eating is a passion of mine. Thankfully, my roommate shares the same passion. Last night we attended an AMAZING 5 course dinner and Italian wine pairing put on by Turquoise Cellars, The Heart and Trotter, and Bare Bones Broth Co. The meal was completely paleo (which I know can make people skeptical, but this would change your mind!). All the meat was organic, locally sourced, and sustainable. Everything was so flavorful and fresh I left feeling as though I’d just eaten at a 5 star restaurant.

Here are the highlights! 🙂

1st Course

The first course was a spring salad paired with at Cuvee 61 Brut. The veggies tasted as if they were picked just before they were placed on the plate (very beautifully, I might add) and the lamb marrow dressing was incredible.

2nd Course

The second course was an impressive braised lamb pho paired with a Pecorino. The broth was definitely the star of this dish. It was simultaneously rich and light. So flavorful, it could have been a course on its own.

3rd Course

Next we enjoyed a lamb sausage paired with a Negroamaro. The sausage was incredible but I was taken with the fresh granny smith apples and jicama salad tossed in a mint pesto. It really brought out all of the spices in the sausage without being overpowering as mint so often is.

4th Course

The fourth course (my favorite) was a lamb porchetta roulade paired with a Nebbiolo d’Alba. The lamb tenderloin was so tender no knife was needed and it was served with a parsnip mash that could trick even the most carb loving person into thinking it was mashed potatoes.


Last but certainly not least we were served a fennel panna cotta paired with a Brachetto d’Acqui. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about having fennel for dessert (And a paleo dessert at that. Who would have thought GOOD desserts could be made paleo?!) but I assure you, it was every bit as satisfying as a big piece of cheesecake. If I wasn’t told, I would have never guessed that it was paleo. It was creamy and rich as if it was filled with cream and butter.

As each course was served the chef and sommelier from Turquoise Cellars, Trey from The Heart and Trotter, and Ryan from Bare Bones Broth Co. would come out and explain each piece of the course and wine pairing. It was inspiring to listen to these guys, so passionate about their crafts, discuss the details of this meal. I have always respected local, sustainable farming but seeing and tasting these creations has given me a whole new appreciation for the craft. 

If you find yourself in San Diego, please go check out these great companies. I promised you won’t be disappointed!


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