I choose you.

Happy almost Valentines Day!

Valentines Day, obviously, makes you think of your significant other. For military spouses (or boyfriends/girlfriends) the day can be bittersweet. I am so thankful that I have an amazing man in my life but I am also sad that I am not able to spend the day with him. However, just because you are not together, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! My hubby and I are planing a movie date night. We are both watching the same movie and then we’re going to have a skype date to talk about it! I can’t wait!! 

As I’ve said before, being in a military relationship isn’t for everyone and most people who aren’t in one don’t understand why anyone would “choose” to be in that situation. Almost on a daily basis  I come in contact with people who are non-military and they ask me why I would ever choose that lifestyle. I finally found an answer that silences them… 

When I was attending a party recently I was asked “How do you do it? I would never agree to marry someone in the military!” I thought for a moment and then it occurred to me. I didn’t choose to marry a man in the military. I chose to marry my amazing husband, who HAPPENS to be in the military. And that became my go-to response: I didn’t agree to marry someone in the military, I agreed to marry the love of my life and he happens to be in the military. It is certainly not an IDEAL situation, but would I pass by my “person” just because of his career and end up settling for someone else down the road because they come home at 6pm every night? No way! 

After that realization I was reminded of an blog post I read: “Marriage Isn’t For You” by Seth Adam Smith (http://sethadamsmith.com/2013/11/02/marriage-isnt-for-you/). If you haven’t read it all ready I highly suggest it. He puts the whole idea of marriage into perspective. Marriage isn’t for you. It is for the other person. I think that everyday, but especially around Valentines Day, it is important to remind yourself of that. When you find your person it is no longer is about you and your happiness. It is about your SO’s happiness and your happiness together as a couple. That is why we “agree” to marry people in the military. We found our “person” and we want them to be happy and for them happiness is a life of service to their country.

Happy Valentines Day!! 


One thought on “I choose you.

  1. Awesome way to respond! And with a super sweet smile on your face too, I bet! 🙂 Probably / hopefully makes them stop and think.

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