My Healthy Weekend Routine

To get through this deployment, I have made it a point to have routines. In addition to distracting you from the fact that your SO is missing, it will help you take care of yourself which is key to health and happiness.

I created a lovely Sunday routine of yoga, coffee, a walk on the beach, and making a healthy dinner. I’ve found that this routine is a great way to relieve stress that has built up and get myself ready to start the week off right.

This Sunday, my healthy meal choice was a turkey taco salad. The great thing about a taco salad is that you can make it  is completely customizable . It is a great dinner for families (and/or roommates in my case). No problems with picky eaters!

My mother happens to have an amazing green thumb and she graciously donated the fresh lettuce for my salad. If you have access to fresh vegetables, USE THEM! The difference in flavor from what you can buy in a grocery store is night an day. Not to mention you don’t need to deal with pesticides and genetic modification like you so often do with grocery store veggies.


Along with the lettuce, I made turkey taco meat. It is prepared the exact same way as you would prepare ground beef for tacos but much healthier. To top the salad, I like to add black olives, kidney beans, cucumbers, and corn.  But again, make it your own! Add tomatoes, tortilla chips, anything that suits your fancy.

Happy cooking!


One thought on “My Healthy Weekend Routine

  1. You’re right on track with eliminating stress. Quick story. Before i took this job at the City of La Mesa my previous job caused an ulcer in my stomach the size of a softball. My Dr. said “It’s easy, quit your job or die.” The stress caused by my position was THAT bad. I took this job at a $30K pay cut but within 6 months the Dr. gave me a clean bill of health. Stress kills. Keep up the good work Steph! We’re in your corner!

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