Learning to be a healthy wife so we can have a happy life

My husband just left on our first deployment. Leading up to the deployment I heard so many horror stories about how awful deployments are and how hard it is for a relationship to withstand them and that I should just prepare myself to be miserable and alone the whole time.

That got me thinking, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. I have so many examples in my life of non-military, long distance relationships that have worked beautifully for years and, while the jobs might be different, the relationship strains are universal.

What I have learned from the other examples in my life is that it is key to keep yourself happy while your significant other (SO) is gone. Regardless of what we think, or they say, our SO’s worry about us when they are gone. Let’s face it, running a house is a lot of work with two people so take out one of those people and add in the stress of a deployment, possibly a job, kids, etc., and you’ve got a full plate! If you can manage that stress and show you’re SO that you have it under control that will take a lot of stress off them, and consequently you. When you are able to talk to them you can focus on meaningful conversations rather than the “business” of life.

My goal for this blog is to keep myself happy and healthy and talk to you guys about how I do it. I am pretty active, I have a great support system, and I LOVE to cook. So those will be my main topics (but I’m sure I’ll mix in some randomness also – gotta keep it interesting).  I’ll share my recipes, activities, crafts, and personal stories throughout this deployment (and hopefully beyond). I’d to reach a lot of people and hopefully help a few of you along the way. 


5 thoughts on “Learning to be a healthy wife so we can have a happy life

  1. That is really cool. My daughter just got married to a Navy guy and he is in Florida and she is in Chicago, also in the Navy. They are making it work as well. Long distance is hard, but it can work. He has 4 years left and she has nine. He will most likely be deployed and she will be a Navy wife. I know you are very strong and can totally do this. How long is he deployed?

  2. I’ve thought about starting a blog myself for these same topics, but couldn’t ever think of where to start. I’m glad to see you did! I’m also happy to be a part of your support system, and to have you be part of mine as well.

  3. Love this. I’m not a wife yet, but Elliott will be going on our first deployment later this year, so I’ll be looking for tips 😉

  4. Steph~

    You are so strong and I know that John and I have given you inspiration. You and Steven can make this work. His deployments are longer then my husbands departures but the heart grows fonder when apart and you never, ever take each other for granted!! That is a huge, huge plus. When he is home, you will do everything to make each other happy and will enjoy each and every moment. When you are with the one your best friend and the one you love, you just wish for their safe return and make the utmost when you are together.

    Know he loves you and will be back before you know it!

    Many hugs, Lynne

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